Airtel GPRS Settings

Common settings for all phones.

You have to first subscribe for airtel gprs. Currently in India there is a prepaid paln of Rs 200 in which user will get free gprs for one month.

Follow these settings:-

Settings -> Connectivity -> Packet data -> Packet data settings -> Edit active access point

Alias for access point -> Mobile Office

Packet data access point ->

Then go back to:

Settings -> Connectivity -> Packet data -> Packet data settings

Active access point -> Mobile Office

Then go to:

Settings -> Configuration settings -> Personal configuration settings

Options -> Add new -> Web

Account name -> Mobile Office

Home page ->

Then go back to

Settings -> Configuration settings

Preferred access point -> Mobile Office

Default configuration settings -> Personal config.

Then go to:

Web -> Settings -> Configuration settings

Configuration -> Personal config.

That's it. hope it works for you.

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