Airtel GPRS Trick For HTC Pocket PC

I tried it on Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1, and it worked like charm for me.

Here are the steps to configure settings to use internet in PDA browsers.

  • Tap Start -> Settings.
  • Select Connections Tab and tap Connections.
  • Select Advanced Tab, tap Select Networks button to bring up Network Management.
  • Under "Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using:" drop down, tap the New button.
  • In the General Tab, type the name of the settings as Airtel Live
  • Select Modem tab, tap New...
  • Type the name of connection as Airtel Live, select the modem as Cellular Line (GPRS) and tap Next.
  • Type Access Point Name as and tap next.
  • Leave username, password and domain blank and tap finish.
  • Select Proxy Settings tab. Tap "This network connects to the Internet". This should enable the next check box option.
  • Tap "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet".
  • Type the proxy server as: and then tap Advanced...
  • Tap HTTP, leave the server as and change the port to 8080
  • Similarly tap WAP, Secure WAP and Socks, type the server as but leave the port to defaults. These are optional settings.
  • Tap OK to close the Advanced proxy setup screen.
  • Tap OK to close the New connection screen.
  • The network management screen should now list the new connection you have created in the drop-down. Tap OK to close this screen
  • Tap OK to close the connection screen.


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