Free Airtel GPRS 2009 (new trick)

Hi friends it’s a long time that the free gprs is not being used ..initially there was office hack and some other hack which was working fine. Initially we used teashark trick. But now this teashark gprs trick is also not wotking.

But finally the replace for the Teashark gprs trick is available the new UCWEB mobile browser will work as good as teashark. Recently UCWEB is named as the most used mobile browser in this is named as the latest hack for airtel gprs using UCWEB browser for 2009 and 2010 ..there is the very simple and easy procedure just download latest UCWEB browser in your mobile.
And do the following procedure and enjoy. First of all you need to activate the Airtel Live in youe mobile if its active even TYPE FUN and send to 54321 and check if its active and then you need to have a AIRTEL Live SETTING for it you TYPE MO and send to 2567.. and remember always Airtel Live setting not the airtel GPRS settings
That’s all its easy like a chees. This trick have been tested and lots of my friends are using it.

Try if it works in yours and hav a comment if you need any help
Or if you have any trick post me or mail me.I will publish it .

To Download UCWEB Browser CLICK HERE


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