Free Airtel GPRS On PC (Proxifier Browser Trick)

Most people want to access free airtel gprs on their pc and I guess the solution provided next will work for many.
1. Download proxifier . Install it in your pc and run it.
2. Click on options then click on proxy settings and then click on add.
3. Then you need to write in the server ip field and write port number as 8080.
4. Then choose the protocol as https and use the authentication method and click ok.
5. The last step is to click on no on the box that appears after step 4.
Once you are done with all these settings you are ready to enjoy free airtel gprs on your pc.
Here I will tell you about a free trick to download things for free from airtel live page
1. Open airtel live homepage
2. Click on whatever you want to download and when the download window appears you will see the cost of that download.
3. Then you should add that page as bookmark.
4. Now edit that bookmark and change the id to some other number, any number you wish to but take care that the new number should also be of equal length. Save the bookmark.
5. And now when you open the bookmark the download cost will be written as Rs.0
Enjoy another trick to download for free from airtel live.


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