Get Your Phone SMS Back

Normally you can't recover the deleted SMS from mobile phones . There are some mobile softwares that can recover these messages automatically .But most of these softwares are payed. So here I am posting an easy and free method to recover deleted SMS from a mobile phone .

I have personally tested this method and recovered few deleted SMS from my Nokia N73(S60 V30). And there are reports about this method working on N72 and s60 v2 mobile phones . .So I am sure that this method will work on Nokia mobile phones . Others can also give a try for this method .

For this you need a freeware mobile software called Fexplorer . It is used to explore the internal files and folders of a Symbian mobile phone .

After download , explore to to your phone memory(usually C) and select System and then mail .

Here you would see few folders like 00001001_S or similar ones.There should be some similar files inside these folders . These are actually the deleted SMS messages . Recovery software actually collects these messages . You can open these SMS by using notepad or other text viewing applications .


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