Reliance Broadband Customer Care Number

  • 1 800 3000 7773 – Toll Free
  • Call 022 – 3033 7777 Or dial *377 on your Reliance phone


sathish said...

i forgot the relance broadband number

tripathy said...

Reliance is one of the most unethical company in India. Reliance Employee is threatening me with dire consequences. Somebody please help me:
Pl. see my complaint here

Ramesh said...

i have UPS Line, when electric power cut, broadband connection also disconnected. how can i used when power cut.
my id 224353969104

gursi said...

your local box from where your internet line is coming would not have batteries installed.
compliant in reliance about this issue..

Kundany said...

I requested to unsubscribe my broadband and after that also the company is sending me the bills what rubish is this can any onr answer me ,my complain number is176607346

tapas said...

Dear Sir,
How can I contact with customer care of reliance broadband service?
What is the procedure?
Please provides detail.
With Regards
Tapas(9332024414/9153920241)mail id -

tapas said...

Dear Sir,
Please available recharge card in my locality(katwa).
With Regards

Anonymous said...

Anjali said

For last 15 days, I receive incoming calls. However, I can not dial any number. What should I do? I want to buy new instrument.

Rajesh Dhyani said...

Dear Sir,
How can I contact with customer care of reliance broadband service?
What is the procedure?
Please provides detail.
With Regards
Rajesh (9892769909)mail id -

Mohan said...

Thank you for ur information.

Amardeep singh said...

I am your Reliance Broadband post paid Customer.For last 15 days net speed is very very slow. please help. my 10 digit Reliance Broadband number is 9569252095. please help so that net speed improve as it use to be.

Anonymous said...

abe iss reliance ki kya aadat kharab hai yaar...... paisa chuste hain .....

Annapurna Singh said...

How can i contact to customer care.I want to deactivate my reliance broadband connection

Anonymous said...

Mobile broadband business models 3G LTE Networks is changing the face of business. Ericsson created mobile broadband over twenty years ago and since then

¥cyclone¥ said...

Reliance is such a company which really sends the bill even after the termination of services I have faced even advocate notice in this case pl never ever go through this service

Pooja Doshi said...

Reliance really really sucks in the way of its service. They don't bother to look after their fresh or existing customer. The customer care representatives take lots of time just to answer our call and most of the time they don't pick up at all and we cut the call because of frustration as they take more than require time just to answer their valuable customer.

sonu chaturvedi said...

how can i know ip address of my pc

sonu chaturvedi said...

how can i know wifi password of my pc?

Unknown said...

fuck off your services i think very use less service in india

Meenakshi Thopse said...

I have been using the USB broadband service since 1 yr. last week I received a notification from the reliance that my no 93............ my internet conn will expire on .... and I need to recharge. After I recharged this, I receive another notification from reliance giving different 93..... no , my internet connection will expire on this date (different from previous one). What the hell is happening here. How can one USB broadband connect have 2 reliance nos... this is ridiculous and I have money becoz of this..

Jagadeesh M.V. said...

useless service as well as irresponsible agent

Pankish Goel said...

Dear Sir,
How can I contact with customer care of reliance broadband service?
What is the procedure?
Please provides detail.
With Regards
+91 9015158185

Ujjwal Kumar said...

These FRAUDS took my money and ran away. Never came back to install my broadband.

Ilyas Ilyas Aboobacker said...


I am your broadband customer

my connection is 10 days not working

the same issue may 1 to 15

I complaint daily to customer care through phone & mail

but not response your customer care side

I investigate and found the problem of not solve my complaint.

not coming electricity power in reliance server in my area
because reliance is not pay the bill of electric charge
please pay the bill and connect my problam

please check truth
and immediate action of this issue

thank you
Ilyas Aboobacker
ID 239305937301

Unknown said...

can anyone provide reliance sales agent contact no in punjab mohali location

Vijay Dhutmal said...

Reliance is 3rd class and provides very poor service to their customers. And also their customer cares do not Smything to their customers.

Vikash Kumar said...

Thanks your blog is awesome.
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deepa said...

Thanks for this, can i have customer care number of You broadband?

Chirag Dhanak said...


Since 29 sep'15 month I am facing land line connectivity issues, out of 30 days it works only for 2-5 days in this month.

After registering the complaints for the same NO action taken by the Reliance Communications Officials. Nobody in the whole company listen your complaint and you'll get new complaint no. every single day you called the customer care no 180030007777 & 18602002011.

I registered the complaint on 29 sep'15 (Tuesday) with request ID 238179095 at 3:30 pm and till now it is not resolved. Almost every day I talked with so many customer care executive.. after calling them only one thing I heard that wait for 24 hours with that time period it will be resolved nothing else.

Mohideen Thusthahir said...

this is useless provider ....there is no escalate matrix....customer care people are playing the game in back end....we are took 2 broadband conenction every alternate days am running behind them ...

Akash Patel said...

There is some internet problem going on from last month in our reliance broadband. We suffered a lot by this and had complained a lots of time to the customer care. Even we had visited to the head office. Mechanic comes yesterday but went away by giving us an excuse of overtime and do not cheaked it, finally nothing is fruitful.we had called again to the reliance many times but hadn't received our call.our I.D. No. Is 339748618430 and my no. Is 9314355066

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