Speed Up Your BSNL Broad Band

  • One of the major problems with BSNL Dataone Broadband connection is the DNS servers they provide by default. Most of the time they are very slow and sometimes they fail to respond. I noticed that I am starting to spend a significant amount of time in DNS resolution with Dataone connection, often it is larger than the time it takes to actually get the reponse. Here is a simple solution to significantly speed up your DNS resolution. Open up the network connection profile and edit TCP/IP settings. In the DNS server address fields, specify the following DNS server addresses: and Disconnect the connection and then connect again.You are done. This specifies third party DNS servers which are significantly faster than BSNL Dataone’s DNS servers.

  • Firefox users can use FlashBlock extension to prevent downloading of Flash content by default, thereby significantly speeding up browsing experience. You can click on the placeholder icon to display the original Flash content any time. This is more of a passive tip in that reduces data usage to improve your overall experience.


nivetha said...

Thanks for the tips about the increase the bsnl broadband connection.My friend using the bsnl broadband.I told her about this article.she using this tips to increase the broadband connection and check her internet speed in the site really increased.

Sanjeev Ranga said...

service is very very poor

Lalit Suthar said...

Realince costmar care service is very. Bad & unsatisfied

Rahul Ahire said...

Third class service

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